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Welcome to Our SMGHS

We are one of the leading co-educational schools in Hyderabad today. Excellence in education lies at the heart of its service-driven mission and the school’s rich tradition continues to inspire students to seek new limits of knowledge, enriching their skills and aiding them in achieving their fullest potential. We also believe that the school has as much to gain from its young learners as it has to impart. The school is a constantly-evolving, young and dynamic space, fostering forward thinking and a positive mindset. In drawing on its core values and simultaneously keeping an eye on the future, SMGHS strikes a perfect balance between traditional learning and innovative education.

Our Techers

Our teachers are best in solving problems and interacts with students in a positive manner and provides motherly attention to the students. Our  teachers demonstrates caring and compassion for their students as well as passion for their subject matter.Our teachers always maintain a positive relationship with students and parents.

DiD You Know?

At SMGHS , students not only receive a basic education, but they are also educated about society, the environment, how to think critically, and how to respect one another. We also encourage our students to try a variety of extracurricular activities that will help them apply their education throughout their lives.

About Our Results

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